Not sure what Regenerative Agriculture is? is here to help you figure out the farming behind the buzzwords.  Click here to access the database of Regenerative Agriculture information and practices. 

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Food , Fiber, and Fuel companies are ready to source from farmers deploying Regenerative Agriculture practices. And Growers are ready to commit to Regenerative Ag based contracts. The Farmbudsman program works with both companies and farms of all sizes- matchmaking the right grower/company fit, sculpting contracts, problem solving in the field, engaging employees, educational events, and more. also curates and socializes the latest relevant ag research, writes grants to lead Regenerative Ag research, and pursues policy change & advocacy for Healthy Soils and long term farm sustainability. 

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About the Farmbudsman

Started by 3rd generation farm-kid Kristy Levings , the Farmbudsman program is known for insightful agronomic and economic analysis. Kristy and her team are focused on problem solving with farmers and manufacturers making the switch to Regenerative. Contact: