Solving Regenerative Ag Sourcing


Making the connections that make sales! Helping farmers find buyers for new crops and helping buyers get connected with Regenerative Ag growers. Crafting forward contracts and aiding both parties in getting what they need.

Event Management


Want people to visit your rural town for a special event? Or showcase a new crop or industry? has been behind some of the most  iconic crop based events in Northern California.

Develop Programs


Perhaps your Workforce Investment Board needs help lowering unemployment... or maybe your rural library wants stronger farm connections... or possibly creating a business incubator program would help your younger generation stay.... from idea to fundraising to execution, can help!

Field Support & Certification


Transitioning to a new farming program is not without its difficulties. But you don't have to do it alone and can borrow upon our collective experiences helping other growers find their unique pathway to Regenerative Ag profits with both education and certification.

Write Grants & Lead Research


With million of dollars in grant writing and grant management experience, the Farmbudsman grant pursuit program is unparalleled. Research is key to stabilizing the future of Regenerative Agriculture making it increasingly accessible to growers and financial institutions of all types.

Employee Immersion Program


As a Food, Fiber, of Fuel manufacturing company, there are any number of internal stakeholders who need both education and engagement. From Marketing to Logistics teams, the Farmbudsman Employee Immersion program helps Employees better tell your Regenerative Agriculture story to your customers.